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Price for CFL M*achineries

[punching machine - 1 no
pasting board - 3 nos
adhesive for pasting [ 5 kg]- 1 nos
tool kit - 1 nos
etc] @ Rs.22000/-
*Raw Material*
The following* 200 pcs *of raw material [ PCB & Tube of Asian] with *1 year warranty *
will be supplied @ 8400/-

15 watt 2U - 50 pcs*40
20 watt -3U - 50 pcs*47
8 watt -3 U - 50 pcs*36
8 watt spiral - 50 pcs*45

For a free listing please send your product details, specifications, prices to and . Any requirement for lighting and illumination products in any category will be considered.

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