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Tired of a boring predictable life with nothing new? The Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos are great to surprise your friends and relatives at a party, get together, function or any other occasion. These tattoos can be used to enhance the burning man outfit worn on special occassions like costume parties or to frighten those who are afraid of the dark and ghosts. No one will guess that these tattoos will glow in the dark, during the day these will be normal clothes. However as the light fades, the tattoos will light up automatically helping the wearer not only become the focus of attention, he can also see in the dark with the bright green light.No need to carry a torch!
The Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos are available in a number of designs and patterns to suit the taste of every user . Priced affordably they can make the quiet person who would otherwise be ignored the center of attention. For the next halloween or costume or rave party, these Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoos should be considered to stand out. These tattoos are available for $22 online, though the wholesale cost will be much lower.
In nature, fireflies are known for glowing in the dark and similar technology has been used for making the tattoos glow in the dark making it easier to see at night and/or frighten people especially small children. There are some sellers on Ebay selling similar products for the ceiling of bedrooms to create an illusion of the stars in a bedroom at night. For a free listing, especially of similar glow in the dark products, please send your product details, specifications, prices to and . Any requirement for lighting and illumination products in any category will be considered.

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